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An efficient accounting system and streamlined financial records are crucial to the success of your business. They not only meet all requirements but also provide insight into the pulse of your business operations.

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We serve individuals and small to mid-sized businesses.

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Running a business generates a lot of paperwork and tax management responsibilities. We take care of everything for you.

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As a business owner, you will face tough decisions. We provide reliable advice on conscious investing to support you.

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Frany Peña De Cortese

At Francort Corporation SRL, our primary objective is to assist you in achieving greater profitability while avoiding the complexities of accounting and finance. Although managing your financial books may not be your core expertise, it is an essential requirement that no business can neglect.

This is where we come in as a competent consulting service, minimizing your direct involvement while providing complete turnkey accounting and financial solutions. We specialize in various areas, including corporate tax return preparation, self-employed tax return preparation, financial statement preparation, incorporation and business plans for entrepreneurs, tax planning, bookkeeping services, and payroll services.

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